marzo 22, 2008

Burncenter, front-end per console a mkisofs, cdrecord, cdda2wav e mpg123

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Si tratta di un front-end per console a mkisofs, cdrecord, cdda2wav e mpg123.

E' formato da uno script principale che visualizza un menù testuale: crea CD mono-sessione, crea CD multi-sessione, crea CD Audio, copia CD Dati, copia CD Audio, ecc. Tale script ne richiama altri, ognuno dei quali si occupa di una operazione specifica.
L'installazione (# sh install) è basata sulla richiesta di alcune informazioni (device del CDROM e del CDR, dir. temporanea, ecc.), in base alle quali viene generato lo script principale (burncenter). Lo script “burncenter” viene copiato in /usr/bin, gli altri in /usr/share/burncenter, a meno di modificare il file “” (come preferisco, mettendo /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/share/burncenter).

What is it ?
WikiPl is a small CGI script written in the Perl language, designed to easily create WikiWikiWeb sites. It cas be also used with mod_perl in order to improve performance under high loads.

What WikiPl does

* Basic page viewing and editing.
* Page history support (view list of all changes made on a page)
* Full-text search support across pages
* Good performance, thanks to the integrated cache and compatibility with mod_perl

What WikiPl does not (yet)

* DiffRequests (show diff between two pages in a similar returned by the Unix diff(1) program)
* Authentification
* Page lock
* Nice HTML generation
* Documentation, ease of installation


* 26 Dec 2002: First release
* 28 Aug 2003: Patch from Daniel OHuiginn : variable $programname to hold the name of the program, so it can be changed (e.g. some servers demand that scripts end .cgi), added a regexp to make links from WikiWords with double capitalisation and no parentheses, and regexps for *bold* with asterisks and _italics_ with underscores, put a few more comments into the code. Thanks to him for this patch.

Download and installation
If you are interested, here is the script. To install it, you will need:
  • some version of Perl
  • a Web server that support CGI, for instance Apache
  • optionally, BerkeleyDB to improve database request performance
  • optionally again, mod_perl. This will dramatically improve the performance of your Wiki, especially under high loads
Note that you dont need to have a special DBM installed like MySQL or PostgreSQL. Also note that this program is covered by the General Public License


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