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dicembre 20, 2007

Nuove idee per la veste grafica di Ubuntu 8.10

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Ecco come potrebbe essere il nuovo desktop per Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 8.10 Mockups.
Here are some mockups I made. Just trying to further develop the ideas expressed and mockups made so far, in the process of developing a art concept for the upcoming Ubuntu Hardy Heron

First of all, we need a wallpaper. I really like this one: [WWW] Reasons: * it has nice Ubunu-ish colours * Looks dangerous and intense, yet flurry * Gives associations to deserts, african environment etc.

Last opp nytt vedlegg "platypuspalette.png"
Concept Art



Leggi anche: Ubuntu per collezionisti: Da Warthy Warthog a Raring Ringtail, tutte le versioni.
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